Behind the scenes and CMT information

Hi, My name is Naomi Pritchard and I’m the face behind Clasp Me Tightly!
I’m currently a stay at home mum to three wonderful boys, a 6yo, a 3yo and a 18month old. I have a wonderful husband who helps me so so much with the house and our boys. He is my strength to get through, and our little family lights up my life. Having gone through so many trying times, as we all do, it is amazing to finally be in a place of happiness with a loving family to support me.
I love babywearing and have worn all three of my kids in one way or another! My passion is Handwovens, the more colourful and intricate weaves the better! I’m sure that don’t need to tell most of you how amazing babywearing is, and it’s helped me cope with these 3 challenging boys!
I started Clasp Me Tightly because I wanted to create something beautiful to help parents hold their families close and keep memories alive long after our children grow up. I think it’s wonderful that a piece of jewellery can be strong enough to withstand being worn with our children, and then go on to serve as memories of those precious times.
Thankyou for the opportunity to create such meaningful pieces of art xxx