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Legacy metal is a mix and match style of jewellery, and is also lovingly referred to as “Mama metal” though I offer unisex designs to be worn by all caregivers,  male or female!

The chains have a clasp on both ends which can be clipped onto a “Centrepiece” at any point to allow style versatility. They can also be threaded through a pendant or centrepiece etc, and clipped behind the neck like a regular chain.

Clasp Me Tightly Legacy chains can also be doubled up to allow a centrepiece to be worn behind the neck, which is fabulous for those who wear their child on their back, and also looks great! Centrepieces and chains are designed to be strong and durable, safe for young children and babies to play with.

Legacy metal is a great alternative for parents who like to accessorize but worry about broken necklaces or snapped chains. It is strong and sturdy, resiliant to breaking from tugs and pulls yet still looks stylish. Plus once our little ones have grown we have beautiful jewellery to remind us of those precious times, and can be a legacy to hand down as family heirlooms. It’s the perfect stylish option for caretakers of young children who are often carrying the child in a carrier, or for keeping little hands busy while feeding, and worry about their other jewelry being broken by exploring little hands.

Custom Hungry Caterpillar centrepiece with Keyring chains and Butterfly centrepiece

Legacy metal can be custom made to represent our family members, events and memories of our lives, anything you like really! They often hold great meaning to their owners. As well as being beautiful to look at,they are true works of art.

Fused Fine silver, Sterling silver beads and chain, and sometimes Argentium silver are used to create Clasp Me Tightly Legacy metal and are perfect for curious baby and toddler fingers. These pieces are made smooth and sturdy, meant to withstand the tugging and twisting that often keeps our little ones occupied. Clasp Me Tightly Legacy metal is cleaned and finished without the use of harsh chemicals.

Gum leaves and blossom centrepiece

While our Legacy metal is strong and safe for baby to play with, it is not a teething toy and is not suitable for chewing on. A quick mouthing won’t hurt, but we do not recommend that babies and toddlers be allowed to chew on the necklaces. These stylish accessories are meant for caretakers and are not meant to be worn by children.

Clasp me Tightly’s handmade silver jewelry is heirloom quality, and my work should last for years to come. Sterling silver chains are built to last longer than regular chains and all of the manufactured chain links are soldered closed.
That being said, natural wear and tear can occur on anything. Sometimes through use such as heavy and repeatedly strong tugging, these individual links of chain (and very rarely the centrepieces themselves) can still break due to the metal becoming “work hardened” more than its capable of withstanding. This is not a fault in the craftsmanship, but a normal quirk of the metal (Think of a paperclip being bent back and forwards repeatedly till it breaks. The act of bending the wire makes it harder) If at any point my work is damaged in normal wear, please contact us to discuss the possibility of repair.


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